"HOCC means love and literally saving my life five years ago – now the monthly health education program helps me with me living today"
(HOCC  participant for 8  Years / June, 2010)
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Non-profit organization for women infected with, affected by, or at risk for HIV/AIDS 
Women's Monthly Health and Wellness Luncheon Program
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Peer Support 
Menu of Current Workshops:

  * HIV Stigma and Disclosure
* Service Providers
* Peers

  * HIV Stigma 

  * HIV Disclosure

  * HIV Basics 

  * HIV  Prevention & Transmission

  * HIV and Substance Use / Abuse

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         Provider Workshop
HOCC's Annual Health and Wellness Retreat
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Women's Health, Education and Leadership Team
Peer Navigator Training Program
Participant Feedback on
Stigma and Disclosure Workshop

This was a wonderful workshop that uses real-life situations/stats/facts and useful strategies to help understand stigma and promote safe disclosure. (September 2010)

You guys should go "on the road" everywhere! (September 2010)

The incorporation of different points of view from clinical to having people share their thoughts and experiences was a great approach to a challenging discussion with clients – it was lively and very informative! (September 2010)

Great training! Thanks! 
HOCC’s monthly health and wellness luncheon program provides support and education for all women infected with, affected by, and at risk for HIV and to address the growing health care needs of HIV+ women.  For many women, especially those who feel silenced and isolated from their communities because of the stigma of HIV, HOCC is the only place they feel safe, have a strong voice, and are naturally connected to other women. The social learning context of sharing a meal together provides a non-threatening environment for providing HOCC’s culturally relevant and gender sensitive series of educational programs covering a broad range of illness prevention and health promoting topics e.g., HIV/AIDS, breast cancer, heart disease, depression, diabetes; doctor / patient relationships and communication; health care disparities; self-care and wellness.  HOCC programs are led by volunteer advanced practice nurses and peer leaders from our community of women. Join us for a hot nutritional meal - we meet every month on the second Monday of every month from 12pm to 2pm. Check out our monthly schedule 

The health and wellness weekend retreat is offered annually to the attendees of the Greater Boston area HOCC programming and the North Shore Health Project’s women’s program called "HOCC North". This past June, HOCC celebrated its 5th annual retreat with 50 women who joined together at a beautiful retreat center in Essex Massachusetts to mark a year of living positively with HIV/AIDS.   Each year the retreat continues to evolve into one of our most innovative health initiatives for women to practice lessons learned, try positive lifestyle modifications, plan and eat healthy meals, begin a walking program, develop stress reduction strategies, participate in wellness workshops, and connect with 50 other women challenged by living with chronic illness.
This past retreat was our most powerful event with our peer educators offering a workshop on Stigma and Disclosure which set the tone for an open exchange of experiences, feelings and strategies to live by without fear of being alone with the stigma attached to HIV/AIDS. Throughout the weekend, women shared their struggles with addiction, strategies for talking to their children about HIV, and learning how to better manage their HIV disease with nutrition, mental health care, and acupuncture, among other strategies. For a number of women, it was their first time out of the city. Women left wanting to maintain their connection to themselves and others and motivated to continue moving forward in their lives towards wellness and health. 
The Train the Trainer Program is a rigorous peer education and leadership bi-monthly training designed to enhance women’s experience with living with HIV by advancing their HIV knowledge and professional skills to deliver HIV awareness, accurate health information, and prevention messages back to their communities. Our training groups are tailored for peers to serve as reliable allies to lean on for advice, support and direction as well as a resource to share their experience and health knowledge through group activities and workshops.  As part of the training program, the peer educators assist in the development of workshop curriculum and power-point slides, prepare for presentations through role-play, video-feedback, and peer review, and then actually conduct workshops for other peers and/or staff members from various agencies. Thus far, the peer educational team, Women’s Health and Education Leadership Team (WHEL Team) has conducted a half-day  peer networking workshop  at HOCC’s June annual retreat, a September 3-hour workshop “Stigma and Disclosure” for the staff of SPAN, Inc. and most recently, provided a “HIV 101” interactive presentation at HOCC’s December luncheon.
HOCC has built a virtual organization without walls by developing a strong network of health care providers and services including, case management, medical case management, complementary therapy practitioners, housing advocates, addiction services, nutritional support, mental health, HIV testing, and social support. We strategically invite providers who:  1)  are experts in the field of HIV health care and services, 2) have a strong current or historical connection to HOCC, and 3) who share our mission to support women infected with or at risk for HIV/AIDS. Our collaborators enter into this endeavor to better coordinate our respective services and resources and to ensure comprehensive services to women infected with or at risk for HIV/AIDS. Below are links to our current collaborators.

Connections and Links

Center of Infectious Diseases at Boston Medical Center ,     Boston Living Center, Mass General Hospital, Office of Women’s Health, Tufts University School of Medicine, Community Servings, 
Neponset Health Center, CRI/HDAP, Codman Square Health Center, Passageway at Brigham & Women’s Hospital, BU Goldman School of Dental Medicine, Fenway Health, Walgreens Community Pharmacy.

HOCC's Collaborators
HOCC deeply agrees with the Peer Support Guidelines (2010) in that “no one understands the realities of living with HIV/AIDS better than someone who has been living with and managing it every day” and embraces the guidelines as a formative directive to best support all peers in all roles.  We also understand that to reduce the effects of stigma and discrimination which is attached to HIV/AIDS and in turn, often contributes to poor health outcomes, one must be armed with the knowledge and confidence to dispel HIV myths and one’s own fears in order to help another. HOCC’s trained peer educators are ambassadors to the local communities and have become true agents of change for those women most affected by HIV/AIDS.
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Advanced Peer Training 

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